How to Create and Play?

We know you really love Creápolis! That is why we will give you some tips that will make your experience in the web’s most creative game even more entertaining. Make sure to keep them in mind at all times

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Tips to play in Creápolis

Recover your energy!

Did you run out of energy and can’t continue creating? Don’t worry! If you play other people’s games, your energy level will increase faster and you will receive Aulines to level up.

I went up in the ranking of knowledge!

City items are most make rise in the rankings of knowledge. Get aulicréditos to buy!

How to play football?

Do you want to play the soccer game? Make sure you planted your virtual olive tree to unlock it!


Let’s jump! Press the spacebar and your character will jump in joy.

Your ranking position

Would you like to know your position in the knowledge ranking? Click on the trophy in the upper left to check the ranking; you will also be able to visit everyone’s cities and creations. Wonderful!

Unlock missions

Did you complete the missions and you can’t see any new missions? Make sure you level up to unlock more fun and challenging missions.

Leave a note to your friend

When you visit a friend’s house, you can leave them a note by clicking on the board that reads POST IT. Don’t forget to do this for them to know you were there!

Buy and sell new things!

Did you run out of space in your city to buy new stuff or do you no longer like something you bought before? You can sell stuff clicking on “Edit my city” and then click on “Sell”. You will also get some Aulicredits back to continue buying!

Expand your home

Do you want to expand your house? Go to your city and click on “Shop”, then on “Improve house” to buy an expansion. Make sure you have enough Aulicredits!

Rotate or zoom into your city

Do you want a shortcut to rotate or zoom in or out your city’s view in Creápolis? Use the W, A, S and Dkeys! Don’t forget that you can use the arrow keys to move the camera.

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