What is Creápolis?

Have you met The Creators?
Creápolis is the virtual city where they live.
You can now be one of them, entering their wonderful virtual world – Creápolis.
In Creápolis, you can be part of the story and create together with your favorite characters. Enter now to create your avatar, create your house and even create your own neighborhood. Everything in 3D!
You have never before had the opportunity to directly join your favorite show and be a part of it. Help The Creators create things no one has ever seen before – and, above all,have fun in the virtual world of Creápolis!
Incredible adventures, missions, games of skill, gifts and much more stuff awaits.
You will also get to know each of your characters personally! Check out how they live, how they dress, how they talk and even where they live! What are you waiting for?

Que es Creapolis

Participate in the house of Ricky, the Virtual Teacher, where you can ask questions and answer other, adding many aulicrédits
Your participation is rewarded!

You will have fun visiting the Multilingual Classrooms, where you will see Animated Movies of The Creators for have fun and learning.

In the News Kids space you will be amazed with the magic of Augmented Reality and 3D of a newspaper that has life.

Ayuda Creapolis

Don’t hesitate to email us at info@creapolisgame.com or find us in Twitter: @@CreapolisJuego. All your questions will be answered as soon as possible!